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As you may or may not have noticed, I haven’t been blogging for a while. This is partly due to lack of time/energy and partly lack of constructive things to say.
Hmm. I hadn’t quite realised how long it’s been until now.

Ok, so first a me update.
Worky stuff is moving, although not at the rate of the deadlines.
No definite plans for after June, but almost applied for PGCE. Would have done it by now had I not forgotton my password for the gttr website which is written in my diary at home. Grr.
I still don’t know where K will be.

That’s about all I can say at the moment actually.

My brain has turned to mush!

Hmm…it seems that K’s intelligence is not rubbing off on me…on the contrary, my brain has ceased to function in a normal manner and at a normal speed…Jo tells me this is called love…I call it a pain in the arse because I need to catch up on all the work I have totally failed to do since 14th October…
Part of me is concerned by lack of acheivement thus far, the other part is saying ‘who cares! Better things happening!’. Hmm…
Manic couple of weeks ahead leading up til Christmas. It seems that I am at uni choir or Church very nearly every day, not that I’m complaining, those of you who know me know that I’d spend all day every day singing or in Church or both given the chance! Need tp buy things like CHristmas cards and toothpaste and a shawl for the ball at some point though. So I am going to stop typing and go and do some work!


Yesterday I was asked by one of my coursemates how things were going with K, to which I answered very well thank you. The follow-up question was not only unexpected, but totally bizarre: How religious is he? Firstly, what did they mean by "religious"? How many services does he attend each week? How often does he read the Bible? Secondly, how does one measure religiosity? And how religious is he in relation to what? Compared to a toadstool? On a scale of one to ten? On the Richter scale perhaps? Does religiosity have its own special unit? Got me thinking…

Currently awaiting news of possible relocation with baited breath…

It’s always the ones you least expect….

Someone who usually really annoys me and has nothing of any use to say was online earlier. I was about to block him, being in a foul mood, when he started talking to me, then I didn’t have the heart to. He talked some sense into me and made me realise a few things. Funny thing is, he will never realise how much impact that conversation had on me.

The horoscope is right…

Catholic Richard just read me my horoscope. It told my what I already knew. That everything looks uncertain and the beginning of this week is a turning point. K has a job interview today and tomorrow…
I’m so scared about all this (not the horoscope bit, just the rest of it!) that I am physically shaking and will probably continue to do so until he comes back home with news. I hope for him that he gets it, because it’s what he wants and it would make him happy, but it means being apart for 6 months until I can move there too and I know he’ll be really busy and I’m not sure we can keep the relationship going long distance for that reason. I know at least one of you reading this is going to post a comment saying put it in His hands, and if it’s meant to happen it will, and I know this, but it isn’t making it any easier yet!

What really matters…

…is love and friendship. And not the sort of backstabby ‘friendship’ we all too often encounter. That is the end of it and all i am going to say on the matter.

Saw a fab film last night. Tremors. About these rather phallic monster type things which go round underground and enjoy eating people. Partly because I was busy laughing at the crapness and partly because I was distracted by the gorgeous company I had. I honestly think i am the luckiest person on the planet right now.

There is now a toilet roll wall in my house. Jenny and Lewis went to Makro and bought £20 of bog roll so we don’t run out again before Christmas! If only! I think someone is eating it. K thinks one of our other frequent visitors to the house was planning a wankfest…

Jenga life

Why is it that one thing can have a huge effect on other seemingly unrelated parts of your life? Move one brick and the whole sodding tower falls down…

I did something very silly the other day, that i thought would never happen again. There is no point in blaming circumstances – it simply shouldn’t have happened. If any of you know what i’m on about, tell me to pull myself together and get on with it. Please. I don’t want this to jeopardise the wonderful things I have at the moment.

Yesterday’s saga continues… It now seems the person who I thought had made things up did make things up, but someone else made it a lot worse. A friend, who will remain anonymous, said to me last night that it’s definitely time to cut all ties. I hope she’s right at that is the end of it. Sad, but may be the only way of moving forward. The question is, can I do that without them? I wouldn’t be here without them.

Hmm. 40 minutes before my lecture. Coffee and caramel shortcake time I think, to compensate my brain for major lack of sleep. I shall go and think about how wonderful he (K) is and how lucky i really am. And i promise my next blog will not be doom and gloom!

I’m so confused!

Someone’s cocked things up for me once again! This time someone (who is not the same someone as before!) has bollocksed up my friendships with the same people as before. I have been misquoted, if i can use that phrase to mean someone is making up things I would never have said. Is now the time to cut ties which mean so much to me? They’ve won already, nobody is going to take me back the second time.